Since 1975

Since 1975, Fornirama, a third-generation family business, has been building its reputation in the North American market by manufacturing high-end upholstered furniture.

This unprecedented growth is not a coincidence, but a result of the same values that led to the formation of Fornirama: The belief that quality clothing can be made at an affordable price!

Fornirama’s good reputation is reflected in its choice of high quality materials and outstanding after-sales service.


At Fornirama, the human aspect, respect and family values are paramount. 50 loyal employees work there, almost half of them for more than twenty-five years!

Our designers, technicians and craftsmen combine their talents and efforts and are committed to a common dream: to offer you a wide range of exclusive, exceptional quality products made entirely in Quebec, without subcontracting.

Happy employees = a better product.


The craft of modern times is to know how to marry the automation and the technology of the devices with a considerable but necessary physical implication, in order to ensure an impeccable confection.

Manual work remains essential to the design and assembly of our products. More than 80% of the manufacturing of Fornirama products is done by hand. Our experienced employees ensure consistency in each step of the assembly and finishing of our products while providing a unique and authentic result.

Fornirama Promotion

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